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Miniso Store,Shein and Nykaa store review (What not to do!)

Wednesday, 20 Mar 19

Lately, Miniso and Nykaa stores have been quite the center of attention and so I decided to pay a visit, this blog for sure will be super helpful since I'm the biggest "galtiyo ka putla" and someone who's always hyper curious to test the new things be it fashion, beauty or anything else, Plus bought a few things from shein too.

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My solo experience in Majnu-Ka-tila in 500 rupees(Over-hyped place?)

Monday, 28 Jan 19

I have heard about majnu-ka-tila like a lot and since i'm from delhi i was like why not. Majnu-ka-tila is a little Tibetan colony in delhi and its called new Aruna nagar colony, Chungtown and samyeling, Here you can find some crazy good Tibetan Food and also clothes however clothes,shoes and other things are definitely overly-priced but food is not-so-costly.

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Pocket - Friendly makeup products

Thursday, 24 Jan 19

Well while only some of us can afford to buy Huda and fenty beauty products which are really popular ...

(Under 250 Rs) A Very In-Budget Shopping with + Shein review + How to shop.

Monday, 15 Oct 18

Nope not sponsored or neither am i collaborating with Shein but being the fashion blogger that i am, I think i also hold some responsibility for my audience outside the world of paid and barter promotions.

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Himachal Travelogue : Dalhousie, Dharamshala,khajjiar and Mcleodganj

Tuesday, 28 Aug 18

Before i even typed a word down i did some research on 'Do people also feel the same way about himach...



Just another girl with head full of dreams....

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